New 3D scanning devices installed at Schiphol airport, to set new trends in security checks

As per the regular norms, we have to take out our electronics like mobile phones and laptops from our bags for security checks at airports. But things are changing fast. A Dutch airport in Amsterdam is testing scanning devices that will enable security checks without taking out electronics from the bags. The devices are being tested in Schiphol’s Department Hall 3 and if successful with initial tests, these devices will be in use at the airport from next year. Similar tests have been reported in Singapore’s Changi airport, and the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport in France, but Devices at the Dutch airport are the most advanced system so far.

The CT scanning method scans for 360 degrees and therefore the passengers do not have to remove electronics at security checks. Only liquids have to be removed while going in for security checks.
3D scanning has been widely used in airports all around the globe since 2000’s. Arctec 3D has devised advanced full body scanners and travelers at Schiphol airport have to get their bodies scanned for 3D images. All the scans at this airport are monitored by the Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counter-terrorism and KLM airlines. Though scanning systems have been used on Schiphol airport, Hand luggage has to be separately tested. Scanning systems from four different manufacturers are being tested at the Amsterdam airport currently.

If the tests are successful, this scanning device could well be the new standard for security checks at airports all around the globe. Van Vroonhoven, security manager at the Dutch airport revealed that this scanning system also enabled easy testing of fluids. So, in future, it could be possible that passengers are allowed to keep bigger fluid bottles in their baggage, and there will be no need for removal of electronics while security checking.


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