NIKE Refines World Champion Sprinter’s Shoes with 3D Printing

Nike has been ‘the’ name in athletic shoe segment. WE often replace terms like sports shoes with Nike, reasserting the fact that it is the best.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a world-class runner who does not buy shoes as per her size and design choice. She gets it built as per her custom fits. Nike designs these shoes especially for Fraser and though they look pretty usual in their exterior looks, the interiors have been worked upon. The interiors of the shoe are intricately worked upon and 3D printing has been used to incorporate the little details in the shoes. This would help the Olympic runner achieve new heights and break her own records. Known as the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite this 3D printed shoe could help the Olympic gold medalist achieve new heights.

This ‘pocket rocket’ as she is adorably called at home, aims to break her own record by the 10th of a second. The shoe will be strategically printed to serve the purpose of a useful tool for the 100m sprint racer.

The Nike design team started its 3D printing process by building a prototype for testing and then produced a variety of plates to suit her feet perfectly. The aim of the process was to increase ‘secondary traction’ while letting her follow her normal range of motion. The team used fixed pins to help keep Fraser-Pryce’s feet as firmly on the tracks as possible, using propulsive forces effectively.

The team at Nike kept on working on the shoe design for Fraser-Pryce until it suited perfectly to Fraser’s requirements. The 3D printed shoe has allowed Fraser-Pryce to race down running track .013 seconds faster. This will help the racer to over the problem of tiredness which she faced for 10 m, at the 70-80 m mark.


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