Nike uses 3d printing to create Rebento soccer duffle bag

nike 3d printed rebento duffel bag

Nike which has been the company to produce tech infused sportswear and accessories for thousands of consumers have come a long way from using 3D printers in proto-typing to the usage of 3D printers in making finished products. The design team of Nike has created something that is unique and amazing for the top notch football players like Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo- the Nike Soccer Rebento Duffel, the world’s first 3D printed performance sports bag.

The duffle bag is an output of integrated 3D printed structural base with a premium leather strap and upper which is put beautifully next to the traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Each bag has a custom 3D printed gold hardware with the players name on it. The bag has a 3D printed base which is a look alike of the stud plates on the Magista and Mercurial boots. The lower part of the bag reminds us of the Nike Flyknit pattern which is seen on the Magista and Mercurial boots. The outer body has a intertwined weave like structure which is fully flexible and durable. This is made of a 3D printed material known as Nylon. The technique that was used to 3D print this bag was sintering technology. The 3d printed bag is complemented with handcrafted premium leather on the bag’s upper regions and straps. These are fitted seamlessly onto the main structure with the use of any glue or adhesive.

The benefits of using 3D printing are surely undeniable- but only time will tell how viable is the technology commercially.

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