ONO smartphone printer will soon be available to its Kickstarter campaign backers

The ONO smartphone 3D printer was launched in a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016. The smartphone 3D printer had raised over $2 million from backers, and the entire maker community was exuberant about the new smartphone-based 3D printing technology. Now, nearly a year later, the ONO’s developers have launched a video of the smartphone 3D printer in action, and given a shipping date.

In the video, we see a user selecting a photo from the 3D printer app in the smartphone. The 3D printer is then assembled around the phone and the photopolymer resin is added. The 3D printing process follows in a Time-lapse, wherein the entire process of 2.5 hours is compressed to a minute. The print output shown in the video is an impressive reticular structure that measures about 120 x 66 x 50 mm, which is nearly the size of the 3D printer’s build capacity.

In the demonstration process, 46.8 ml of resin was used for the printing, and the smartphone used was a mid-segment Android phone. The smartphone was not connected to a power source for the duration of the print, and only half the mobile’s battery was used up during the 2.5 hours, which is quite impressive.

The ONO 3D printer, previously known as the OLO, was offered to backers for $99. And though the smartphone 3D printer is small and limited in functionality, it is recommended for its accessibility, novelty, and portability. The ONO uses 3D printing similar to DLP, using LEDs from the smartphone screen. The 1600+backers of the 3D printer will receive their 3D printers by the end of March. The 3D printer will be available for sale to the public, thereafter. This ONO printer is a perfect example of how printing can be done using the LED light of a smartphone.

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