Ooznest OX Brings Together RNC and 3D Printing Technologies

OX is an open source CNC router from UK Company Ooznest. Ryan Lock, a Cambridge University student, founded Ooznest in 2013. This company started as an open source 3D printed business, has expanded into many streams of the maker technology and CNC milling. OX is based on a CNC machine developed by Mark Carew of OpenBuilds.
OpenBuilds is the US counterpart of Ooznest.

Ox includes multiple 3D printed parts and is an excellent platform for both, freshers and veterans to access CNC technology. It has V-Slot extrusion system and 30 Xtreme Solid V wheels which provide a smooth and correct linear motion and reliability. The three axes are operated by NEMA23 stepper motors. These motors are the GT3 belt motion on the X and Y axes and an ACME lead screw driven system on the Z axis.

Lock told 3Dprint.com that they print the PSU cover, controller mount, controller fan mount, and all the mounts for the drag chain system. It is minimum investment and alterations can be done if required.

Ox is compatible to work with plastic, aluminum, and plastic and is available online at sold in kit form in six sizes ranging from 500 x 750 mm (£969) to 1500 x 1500 mm (£1202.50). It can also be purchased as a basic kit at lower prices and customized as per requirements.

Ooznest has been focusing on RepRap 3D printers, especially the machine Prusa i3. The open source movement has been an integral part of 3D printing. Ox was based on Carew’s design and his design was based on OpenBuilds Routy, which in turn was inspired by the Shapeoko CNC router.

Communities like OpenBuilds and RepRap have played a major role in the growth of 3D printing and CNC technologies. Though they are different technologies, they have a lot in common in terms of creativity, innovations, and efficiency.

Source: 3dprint.com

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