Open bionics wins the International UAE Robotics award for Good competition

Open Bionics, the 3D printed prosthetic maker has received the International UAE Robotics for Good Award, which includes a cash funding of $1 million. The award is given out as a part of the initiative by the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good competition. As per the official website, this competition was intended to support innovation in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. Open Bionics has been manufacturing 3D printed affordable prosthetics since 2014 and it was the perfect contender to take home the prize.

The competition was tough, though. There were thousands of applicants from all over the world who had submitted their innovative theory of developing prosthetics. Some of the noteworthy projects were Marsi-Bionics’ Gait Exoskeleton, a device that helps children with neurological diseases to move conveniently; the DOME Project; the Fathom One underwater drone; and more. Team Open Bionics was elated to receive the prize and expressed their happiness on Facebook. Over 1600 technologies had applied and their “prosthetic hands” were chosen from amongst the top 10 technologies.

Open Bionics has done some commendable work in the field of 3D printed prosthetics. They developed the 3D printed superhero prosthetics, Deus Ex inspired prosthetic arm, and the easy to assemble £500 prosthetic arm.

Other winners in this category took DHs1 million for their projects. Daniel Waleed’s team developed a 3D printed device to detect leaks in gas pipes. Sanad’s Academy also won an award for their 3D printed Smart Ring drone. This device will enhance the capabilities of life-saving rings with drone power. It will be deployed to life-saving guards to assist them in saving lives in a speedy manner.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fund organized the UAE AI & Robotics Award for good competition.

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