Panasonic Is To Launch Smart Mirror for The Fashionistas

A big news is coming from Panasonic brand. Yes, the one that was renowned for selling top notch electronic goods. It has recently ventured in the niche of cosmetics. The unusual thing about the current news is that the product that is to be launched by Panasonic will excite the customers.

It is called smart mirror that will analyze user’s face and will highlight the blemished skin. It will also highlight other skin flaws. After examining your skin, it will 3D print a map of your skin, where all the flaws will be marked. It helps will the makeup and mistakes are avoided.

It will be great to have such technology available for the people who like perfect makeup. This will not only improve the perfection but also save a lot of time. There is no denying that some people will be highly excited to have such a tool in their hand whereas, some people will feel offended to confront a device that highlights their skin flaws.

First prototype of the smart mirror was unveiled by Panasonic earlier this year. Now, the updated version of the device is launched at CEATEC in Japan. The latest version has 3d printing makeup capabilities.

According to Panasonic, the latest version has got HD cameras that can identify, scan and analyze the face of the user and locate the blemishes. Any other kind of skin imperfection, if there is any, will also be identified.

Since it is multipurpose virtual machines, a user can also see different looks with facial hair and various eyebrow shapes. This will also be followed by a set of tutorials, explaining how to apply makeup on the blemished skin for a perfect look.

The most exciting part about this machine is that after identifying the skin imperfections, users can also get 3d printed makeup masks that can be applied directly on the skin. This will not only help you in getting a perfect look for the day but also save a massive amount of time.


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