Peter Mooney launches a 3D printing e-commerce platform- PatternSpace

3D printing is an industry that believes in networking, communicating, and sharing of creative and productive ideas. Peter Mooney felt that the 3D printing community was still lacking a social hub to interact. He envisaged a central 3D printing platform where 3D printing enthusiasts could come together and share their ideas and views. Hence the PatternSpace was founded, a Facebook-like platform for 3D printing lovers.

This cloud-based platform was launched a month ago. Users of 3D printing can bring together content, commerce, and community of 3D printing in one space. Integration will be done with platforms like i.materialise and Authentise for 3D printing and DRM needs, and integrations with 3D Slash and MakePrintable will be done in future.

Users have formed social groups based on common interests within the 3D printing arena. Several groups, from drones to prosthetics to Pokémon have sprung up. There’s also a customized 3D model photo booth. Mooney said that they have created the first social hub for 3D printing and this e-commerce platform will integrate people who have a shared interest towards 3D printing. Till now there were sites focused primarily around an individual. This platform is a social entity which is a one-stop solution for 3D printing lovers. From sharing ideas, to selling or demonstration their 3D printed objects; PatternSpace provides all facilities under a single platform.

3D printing enthusiasts will no longer have to resort to Reddit or Google groups to sell their products. It can easily be done under PatternSpace. The 3D printing ecosystem is constantly expanding and this digital marketplace believes in community functionality where users can perform functions like the integration of tools, printing, streaming and more. Users now have a single place to share, demonstrate, and monetize their 3D printed models.

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