Ponta scan software aims to improve the scanning capabilities of entry level scanners

Optical sensor technology and open-source 3D printers, the 3D printer is now more accessible to people. 3D scanning and printing can be combined to get excellent results, though 3D printing does take away the cake all the time. Hence evidently, there have major upgradations and innovations in SLA and FDM printers, not much have been done for 3D scanning.

The Ponta Scan software was created to get the maximum detailing from 3D scanners. The problem majorly lies in the software of the scanning system of the current scanning devices. This result was deduced by a two-member team from Tokyo that eventually went out to develop the Ponta Scan software, based on their findings.

Though the software details still remain scarce, however, there has been a major improvement in the scanning quality by using Ponta Scan software. The team hopes to raise $10000 in the Kickstarter campaign which they will use to tweak their existing code and translate the original code to English (from Japanese).

The team is pretty confident of their product and has not maintained any early bird offers or trip concessions. The working of the software and the schedule of the launch of the Ponta Scan remains the same. The aim of the campaign is to maintain the consistency and precision of 3D scanners like XYZ Handheld scanner. Simple and entry level scanners which cost as less as $100, can be converted to highly functional 3D scanners with the Ponta Scan software.

There have been scanning companies in the past that have established similar claims. How successful the Kickstarter campaign of the scanner is in future, is yet to be seen. They are using interesting marketing techniques like the promo video which is hilarious and describes the working of the Ponta Scan in a fun and light manner.

Source: 3ders.org

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