Pop-up Restaurant Food Ink Serves 3D Printed Food to its Clients, in a 3D Printed Setup

From conquering the sectors like medical. Technology, manufacturing and education, 3D printing sets its eyes on the food industry.

A new pop-up restaurant named Food Ink., has come up with meals, comprising of 3D printed food. The founders of this restaurant are Antony Dobrzensky and Marcio Barradas, and they started this venture with help from a group of advisors.

The first venue was Venlo, Netherlands and was a hit. The next venue is London and the event there will be held from 25th July. The team aims to host this event in an array of places like Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, and New York.

Food ink. will showcase a meal of courses which will be 3D printed live and streamed live. What’s more, even the furniture and utensils will be products of additive manufacturing. 3d printed stools have been created for the event by the team’s design advisor Mamau Mani and were produced using Silkworm, an open source plug-in printer. It is called the Smoke stool.

Hummus, chocolate mousse, and other paste-like edible items can be used as the 3D printer ink., they call it the ’fine dining hacked’ experience and the food are served stylishly to elegant customers, and videos are made with scintillating music in the background.

The question here is what is the use of this technology in the food sector? As of now, this technology ‘food’ is just under the reach of the elite and it is difficult to review a food item without having to taste it. Also, should our bodies be consuming technology where there is abundant food available around at cheap prices? Well, this has to be well pondered upon.

The pop-up restaurant is indeed a great piece of innovation and as happens with all luxuries, they can just be enjoyed by the privileged few.

Source: 3dprint.com

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