Print your desired shapes with a universal paste extruder

Once we buy a desktop 3D printer, we’ll always be on a lookout to leverage it the most, for multiple applications. This can be achieved by procuring a variety of print heads, which can accomplish their respective tasks effectively. A universal paste extrude comes in to this category, which allows us to work with most of the viscous/ paste like materials. Most of these paste extruders function using syringe-like devices that can handle more viscous materials for 3D printing.

A promising Universal 3D printing paste extruder called Discov3ry paste extrusion system was unveiled at the Maker Faire by Structr3D. This is a plug-n-play device that can be attached to any existing RepRap-style 3D printer, including Makerbots and Ultimakers and can work with open source software like Slic3r and Repetier. The device also includes a cartridge system that allows for a 60cc supply of paste to be fed to the 3D printer and can be capped off and stored for later use.

A reliable paste extruder can open up multiple new materials like ceramics, silicone, latex, and polyurethane etc used for prototyping more flexible objects, such as gaskets, o-rings, or insoles. The device can help one to experiment with easily sourced materials, like silicone, clay and even cake frosting. You can even experiment with icing sugar for your adventures in the kitchen. The makers of Discov3ry showed it off at the Maker Faire by printing with Nutella and generated quite a bit of excitement.

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