Reaction Systems project gets new lease of life, thanks to ADAPT initiative

Sinter Print and Concept Laser are two additive metal manufacturing units that are members of the ADAPT (Alliance for the Development of Adaptive Processing Technologies). There are various levels of membership to this consortium based out of Colorado and dedicated to the development of additive manufacturing technologies.

The levels of membership include the Tier 2, where these units can access the ADAPT database, and Tiers 3 and up, where they can access and direct the center’s research activities. Reaction Systems is a member company which creates new products and processes and turns them into commercial products. It recently won a contract extension from ADAPT for their latest project.

Reaction Systems, Colorado, was developing a hypersonic jet engine part for a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project in association with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). They needed expert specialized additive manufacturing aid; which required developing a prototype of the part. ADAPT, and its additive materials characterization center guided Reaction Systems in the right direction.
Real-time additive manufacturing monitoring costs are skyrocketing, smaller units like Reaction Systems, are unable to cope with the expense. With ADAPT consortium, these manufacturers have access to the knowledge, resources, expertise, and peer organizations support which makes it feasible for units like Reaction Systems and Faustson to use the emerging additive manufacturing technology to complete their ventures.

The 3D printed prototype of Reaction Systems earned a certification with the support of ADAPT. The Reaction Systems SBIR project contract, worth $750,000, has been extended further for two years. Most of Reaction Systems’ work is done through the SBIR program. For example, the company devised a method of eradicating carbon deposits, to improve the performance of rocket engines. This has been possible due to the aid and guidance of ADAPT.


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