Role of 3DP in design and engineering

3D Printing in Design & Engineering

With the dawn of 3D printing technology into the world of designing, it has introduced to the designers a whole new world filled with endless opportunities. Every other sector involving innovation and design is using this technology to create something that we could only think about!

To elaborate on the statement stated above, here are a few examples of how 3D printing technology has played a crucial role in designing and engineering a product. The first example comes from the automobile industry. In the 3D Print show in London, a new prototype car named Strakka Dome was introduced. Nearly 5% of the components of the car were made of materials which were 3D printed.

Dan Walmsley, an engineer at Strakka Racing said, “It’s not uncommon to use 3D printing for rapid prototyping, which helps a very short development cycle, but what we’ve moved into now is actual production parts on a race car, which is quite a new direction for us to go. We found that the material properties have recently moved forward to a point where they’re stiff enough and strong enough and light enough to function as a fully finished production component on a race car.”

Earlier this technology was used only for making prototypes but now with the help of this process companies are making actual objects as well. Apart from this industry we see that 3DP technology is being used profusely in the field of fashion. With the help of 3d printers designers are now making clothes and accessories. The design and patterns of these 3D printed clothes and accessories are so unique that it is impossible to make such products by using the traditional method.

Naomi Kaempfer, creative director at Stratasys says, “Manufacturing with 3D printing is still in the evolution stage. We are still waiting for 3D printed materials that have the right durability and strength that textile fiber allows. We have to understand that 3D printing is an additive layered technology and in order to create fiber strength you actually need to have a continuous fiber going through the material.”

Uniqueness, inventiveness and empowerment of people to turn their imagination into reality are the USPs of this technology. Hopefully the Indian market will realize the potential of this technology and very soon even Indians will be able experience firsthand the wonders of 3DP.


Image Credit: Madeline Gannon

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