Sony files for the patent of a 3D printing gaming application

Sony is renowned for its music and has recently filed for a patent for a 3D printed application. It would allow PlayStation gamers to convert objects and characters into 3D printed formats. The system would enable the collection of 3D data from various viewpoints.

3D Printing has opened innumerable possibilities for gamers to explore the physical impact of their virtual gaming experience. They can avail physical props which are inspired by the game and are customized either at home or in a 3D printing bureau.

Eucl3D and Sandboxr are companies that are availing the benefits of 3D printing and gaming synchronization to provide users with customized 3D models of their favorite virtual characters. Video games like Skylanders have started 3D printing services through which fans can order 3D printed models of their favorite avatar.

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a strange patent in October, which was actually filed in April 2015 for the Japanese tech giant Sony. As stated in the patent, it outlines an exciting new “device and method of selecting an object of 3D printing”. It would seem to allow PlayStation gamers to halt the gameplay and select characters, items, or places from the virtual world that could be converted into a 3D printable format. While 3D printing and gaming have worked with compatibility in various projects, this is a big move by a corporation where no one in the industry has ever released plans of this scope.

This 3D system recognizes that some video game characters and objects are more suitable than others for 3D printing. The block-based Minecraft is a game that is well-suited to 3D printing. Whereas the “Blobman”—which has features like gaps between torso and limbs, the 3D printing device would use rods to make the model suitable for 3D printing.

There are huge amounts of graphical data within video games are in 2D. Sony’s new 3D printing device would have to create multiple renders from various angles. But, with multiple photographs from multiple angles, it becomes possible to create a 3D model. While the 3D printing device is not compatible with a specific PlayStation console, the patent states the Sony.RTM. PlayStation 4.RTM device is a suitable next-generation PlayStation console for the 3D gaming system.


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