Stray Cat Gets New Life and Limbs with 3D Printed Technology

This is an interesting story about a cat that got a new life thanks to a dedicated team of vets and the 3 D technologies they used for treating the animal.

A cat was sleeping on a grinder machine to keep itself warm. But sadly it lost its 3 legs when the grinder machine became functional. A passer-by saw this cat and took it for treatment to a veterinary hospital.

A 12-hour surgery was performed by a veterinary surgeon Chen Yong, known as the Hulk Black Jack. The surgery was a success after which the cat’s life was saved and it started recuperating. The cat started eating a lot and growing in size and the doctors conducted an ultrasound in which it was found that the cat was pregnant. The doctors were touched by the cat’s motivation to live and decided to create prosthetic legs for it to walk on. The cat gave birth to 4 kittens after 2 months, but unfortunately, none of them survived. They were suffering from congenital heart disease due to malnutrition and lost their lives.

It was a setback for the dedicated medical team as well as for the poor cat. The same hospital was taking care of three young kittens that had lost their mother. This cat was elated to see these kittens and adopted them easily. She started taking care of the kittens like a mother and its health also improved slowly.

Seeing the high spirits of the cat, Chen Yong is now determined to create 3D printed prosthetic limbs for the cat so that it can move around comfortably. The cat has been named Yi Yi, and it was the effort of the team of doctors that the cat got a new lease of life.


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