The Obama Government Promotes 3D Printing in Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute Competition

The White House launched a week-long program in Washington D.C to promote innovations and creations in the country. The president, earlier, has already got a 3D portrait made and taken suggestions from a 9-year old about 3D printing at the White House Science Fair.
Leaders and pioneers in various fields like technology, economic development, and business, investment, assembled at this SelectUSA Summit. The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, a Los Angeles, a California-based group will head the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute which will be a manufacturing hub as awarded by the Obama administration. It consists of 200 partners from 20 states and the group will be engaged in manufacturing smart sensors and digital process controls to improve manufacturing services in the U.S.
Also, the White House aims to launch 5 different manufacturing competitions. Advanced Tissue BioManufacturing is one of these competitions that will work on repair and replacement of cells by using next-generation methods. This will be in sync with the Department of Defense and include methods like 3D bioprinting. This is basically aimed at the development of organs for critical transplants.
Robotics in Manufacturing Environments Manufacturing Innovation Institute is another competition that will focus on manufacturing robots, as well as reuse and recycling of man-made products called Reducing Embodied Energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) In material manufacturing Institute.
These goals of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute will be accomplished by working with National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. This institute will work towards America Makes, the first 3D print technology manufacturing unit that would be set up in Youngstown, Ohio. This unit will be one of the 9 institutes launched under the NNMI that has raised $1.2 billion in non-federal resources and $600 million by the U.S government. These institutes have raised$1. Billion and created 800 jobs in Rochester, New York with the help of a photonics company engaged in the manufacturing of FDA approved 3D printed medical equipment. America Makes is involved in GE’s new $32 million global 3D printing setup, and also aided the lightweight metal technology company Alcoa to invest $60 million in metal 3D printing.


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