Thermaltake 3DMakers teams up with 3D hubs to create innovative 3D printed PC components

3DMakers is a platform where makers can download and uploads 3D printable files for PC parts, accessories, and mods. This forum was launched by Thermaltake which deals in cooling devices, PC cases, and power supplies. Thermaltake now plans to broaden its horizons by collaborating with 3D Hubs, the largest platform of 3D printing services in the world.

Users will now be able to 3D print their designs at any local hub using the 3DHubs platform. The 3D Makers website users will print their customized PC mod cases with better ease than before. Bram De Zwart, the CEO of 3D hubs went on to say that their company was looking forward to the partnership. Their techniques will enable the makers to innovate and make customized products with comfort and ease.

With the partnership collaboration, the 3DMakers users will have access to 3D printing services of over 160 countries using the 3DHubs platform. Hence, PC components and cases would now be manufactured locally, without the need to order from far away countries. The need for international shipping and warehousing will, thus, be reduced.

Thermaltake has also uploaded its own designs like the Core P1, which is a 3D printable PC case. It is a miniature version of the Core P5 case. In addition, there are radiator mounts, case accessories and more. There is also a huge collection of user-generated content which is useful as well as impressive.

PC designers can also share their designs on Thermaltake’s online platform. This partnership will not only aid Thermaltake in expanding, it will give makers immense opportunities to make, share, and discover new and innovative designs. The 3D printer Star Destroyer Case mod is one of the few examples of superior mod designs that have been uploaded on the website.

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