At think3D, it is our constant endeavor to make 3D printing a seamless experience for our customers. Unlike various other electronic items, 3D printers require lot of tweaking and manual intervention to get good quality 3D prints. As 3D printer customers don’t have time and to get such quality prints, they look up to suppliers to assist them in 3D printing. At think3D, we realized this early on and thus decided to be 3D printing partners for our customers than just 3D printer suppliers. We are constantly coming up with new tools to solve the customer problems/pain points. We are giving all these tools free of cost to everyone.

(a) think3D Desktop Software

Every 3D printer brand comes with its own software for operating the 3D printer. All these softwares are very diverse in nature with different UIs, different terminologies, different action buttons. It takes lot of time to gain expertise on each software and the expertise gained on one software won’t be of much help for other software. This led to sub-optimal utilization of 3D printers at customer end. To solve this issue, we have come up with one standard slicing software to operate 90% of machines available in the market. As we have only one software, it has become very easy for us to train our customers and for our customers on to operate different brands of 3D printers effectively. We are constantly coming up with lots of training material, videos, content on how to use the software and so on.  This is helping our customers in using the 3D printers optimally.

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(b) think3D Mobile

3D printer is a standalone machine and customers don’t always keep the printer next to the computer. So, whenever they are operating the 3D printer they generally don’t have access to the troubleshooting guides, manuals, support team. So, we are building a mobile app to solve the issue for customer. Using this mobile app, customers can directly check the troubleshooting guides whenever they experience any problem, communicate with the support staff at think3D on real time basis and get a quick resolution to the problem. We shall be launching the mobile app by March 31st, 2016.

(c) think3D Admin

Currently, there is no project management tool for 3D printing in the market. There is no tool to track the overall filament consumed, prints failed, material used, projects worked on and so on. think3D Admin is meant to solve that issue for customer. This is a cloud based application wherein customer can create account, add projects, slice the projects, generate gcode and also update the failed prints, material consumed, reworks required and so on. We believe think3D Admin shall help our customers in tracking the overall 3D printer usage. We are currently working on this application.