Toyze mobile app brings Gaming Characters to life

Toyze mobile app brings Gaming Characters to life


Games have been one such activity that has not only influenced children but also grownups. Earlier characters like Super Mario was the only gaming characters that had won the heart of millions all over the world but now there are so many games loaded in your smart phone, that the list is endless.

Toyze Mobile App

There is a new mobile app in the market named Toyze that allows its users to create customized figurines and merchandize, of their favorite mobile games using 3D printing, and has a list of licensed mobile game characters to choose from. They can then choose their favorite character with the help of the 3D image editor the user can choose the pose and also use the touch screen to move the limbs in a suitable position. The app also has a long list of accessories like hats, facial hair and sunglasses which would add a little punk to the figurine. The 3D editor gives an over view of the items that has been created so that the user can see it from all possible angles. Once the designing work is done the user can get the 3D printed figurine shipped directly from Materialise. The final selection is about the size of the figure and the type of the material that the user would like the figurine to be in. After this the company only needs the shipping details so that the figurine can reach at the door step of the consumer.

Zeptolab invests in Toyze

The app also has a personal gallery where users can save their work and also share it with their friends on Facebook. This app is available free on Google play and the application can run only in the Android phones but an iOS version is expected to hit the market very soon. Currently the popular game “Cut the Rope” is the first licensed property but the company promises to engage many more such gaming companies in the near future. The game developer company of Cut the rope “Zeptolab” is so impressed with the work done by Toyze that it has decided to invest in Toyze so with this step many more companies are expected to follow the footsteps of Zeptolab. The CEO of Zeptolab, Misha Lyalin says, “We’ve partnered with Toyze because they have the most cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use app where your favorite game characters can be customized and ordered to be 3D-printed and delivered to your doorstep — on demand, from a game, straight from your mobile device. We invested, because just like ZeptoLab, many game developers will find that partnering with Toyze is a great way to provide brand extension and one more revenue stream.”

The prices of these wonderful figurines depend on the character that the user wants to print. According to the website a figurine which is 2- 2.5 inches would cost around $50. Characters like Om Nom, Toss, Roto, Boo, Blue and Lick are rapidly transforming from 2D images to 3D images with the help of this new app.

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