Traditional Chinese Relics Being Restored with 3D Printing

The Hezhang county in Guizhou province is the former Yelang kingdom in China and they wanted to get their city’s Ancient relic, the Dragon frog 3D printed to gist as a souvenir from the government to the tourists. Therefore they contacted Xi’an Chizi Digital Technology Co. Ltd, a 3D printing organization in China.

This company has 3D printed large amounts of ancient relics and handicrafts. One the few items it showcases, the head from QIN Dynasty is an interesting figure which is made up of innumerable seal scripts. 3D SLA printing technology is needed to 3D print this sculpture.

Other objects include the sculpture of Guan Yu, a famous general during the three kingdom period, a lady wearing traditional Chinese garment with loose sleeves, 3D printed tea trays, and various civil and military officer sculpts designed for Beijing’s Palace Museum.

Xi’an Chizi Digital Technology Co. LTD was formed about two years ago. It has established itself as a well-known name in the 3D industry. Its primary objective is to bring together the cultural traditions and latest manufacturing technology together. This would result in the development of traditional cultural relics through new methods of 3D printing.

The customers of this company are mostly are from creative backgrounds. The buyers include a large number of sculptors. Xi’an is an ancient city with many educational institutions, which include some of the best art schools in China like the Xi’an Academy of Fine Art. These specialized schools have set up separate departments of sculpture. According to a market analysis, the sale of sculptures might reach several billion RMB every year in Shaanxi province. Sculptors these days are resorting to 3D printing for storing data permanently and securely.

Many relics that have been 3D printed in the Xi’an Chizi Digital Technology Co. LTD, are showcased for display at the Beijing Palace Museum.


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