Transform any 3D Printer into a Paste Extrusion Machine

Paste Extrusion

In the world of 3D printing everything is undergoing a lot of transformation. One such transformation is conversion of 3D printer into paste extrusion machine. A company called +Lab has created a paste extrusion machine. All one needs to do is connect paste extrusion extension to 3D printer converting into a paste extrusion machine. +Lab is unveiling this product at the Maker Faire Rome this weekend.

+Lab is a company based out of Milan, Italy. A group of engineers and designers are working on a multi- disciplinary approach to invent a new add-on which would allow users to transform their 3D printers into a paste extrusion machine. The team claims that the printer has a greater accuracy and the company has uploaded the design to Thingiverse so that everyone can print their own add-ons.

The extruder consists of a 60ml syringe; in this syringe the liquid material can be injected. This syringe has been created to fit right in with a 3Drag printer. A 3Drag printer is a printer that has a moving bed and a stationary extruder. The company chose this printer because the features of the printer is ideal for the type of work founders wanted the new add- on to do.

In order to use this add on with any printer there are some adjustments that are needed to be made such as a customized mount has to created so that the syringe can easily be fitted into any 3D printer. The second change is to reduce the speed of printing so that the extruder head does not move very fast.

For all those DIYers who are interested in making a customized add- on for their 3D printer all that you have to do is go the Thingiverse website and download the blueprints and start printing the new add- on. A word of caution for all DIYers: if you do not have a 3D printer which has a large volume then do not try to 3D print the add- on by yourself, as one of the parts measure 30cm in length. Nothing to worry the company is planning to split this 30cm long part into two so that owners of 3d printers having a smaller volume area can also take a print of the add-on.


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