Treatstock offers multiple 3D printing services

Treatstock is a 3D platform with a difference. They aid users in offering their 3D printing services and allow them to buy and sell 3D printed models. They offer certifications for their work and provide color print previews and online pricing guides. Therefore, Treatstock provides complete guidance for all 3D printing services.
Treatstock provides effective assistance to designers and buyers. They are now equipped with rich features and ensure that the consumers get quality products with these advanced 3D printing services.

Designers 3D print their models and upload their pictures on Treatstock. Customers can then select the product from the pictures provided. When the customer orders a product on Treatstock it imagines the output to be exactly same as the picture. But while choosing the different combination of settings, the results could vary. This guesswork will be eliminated by means of high-end software and facilities. Experts will still be available for suggestions and customers can experiment with their choice of color and textures.

The Treatstock store can be embedded directly on the user’s website. This way any model from your Treatstock store can be displayed on any other website. The designers can choose the option ’embed the 3D model on the site’ and the code of the model will be posted in the user’s site.

This company is situated at Newark, Delaware. They are engaged in providing all the assistance required to achieve a successful 3D printed model. From designers to customers, Treatstock offers all types of 3D services. Choosing 3D models, printing service, and equipment, and then finding potential buyers, Treatstock offers it all. The users can order their product, select the various specifications and wait for it to get printed. Once ready, they are requested to review the product upon receipt.


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