Ultimaker has always been known for its well designed 3d printers. Whenever any new printer is launched, it has the new features to overcome the pitfalls of the previous generations. From quite a long time now, Ultimaker has been launching some of its finest 3d printers at economical prices that almost everyone can afford.

The brand Ultimaker has an incremental developmental process where its printers have an exceptional feature list to beat the previous generations. This time Ultimaker 3 extended has some striking changes that are good for sure. Ultimaker is a dutch company that has manufactured the exclusive range of 3d printers and established themselves as the backbone of printing industry.

With the launch of Ultimaker 3, it is sure that this printer is designed keeping in mind the professionals. Other brands like Zortrax, 3DSystems and Makerbot etc. have a nice range of printers but Ultimaker is somewhat unique due to its exceptional features. Offering great consumer service and semi pro 3d printers, Ultimaker 3 is the first choice of every professional as it has a great built and reliability of the machine. Also, the price is not much more than the other printers, it is almost the same.

Ultimaker 3 is available in two sizes i.e. a regular Ultimaker and the taller Ultimaker 3 extended. For the short run production, 3d printers have been tapped by businesses, for prototyping. Also, the capabilities and features of Ultimaker 3 launch new applications that work so well in the hands of professional experts. Across the 3d printing industry, Ultimaker has proved to be very beneficial.

So the organization is promoting the new machine as the “Cutting edge Professional 3D Printer”. They claim to have the “Business’ first desktop printer that makes proficient 3D printing really open”. Let us take a look on its features:

Dual extrusion:

Ultimaker 3 extended printer has a new feature of dual extrusion that is dedicated to print not only two colors but also water-soluble support materials. This is a unique feature of Ultimaker 3. With a single extruder printing, the Ultimaker 3 is 215 x 215 x 200 mm. This amazing printer has a support capability of STL, OBJ files and new 3MF format.

It works in a resolution of 20 microns that is a pretty good resolution.
The Ultimaker 2 was initially intended to be a double extruder 3D printer, yet that was never truly actualized. The Ultimaker 3 offers another double expulsion framework straight out of the crate. That is a vital stride, as you can 3D print with double materials.

As per the public statement, the 3D printer “permits the opportunity to create more unpredictable yields in a full scope of designing materials, including Nylon and dissolvable PVA, and two hues.”

The expulsion framework is implanted in one print head, which can be gotten to effortlessly. To the extent we can see, you can trade the spouts in one piece by essentially culling them from the printhead — that would be an intriguing element. Additionally, you can find in the photo that the main nozzle is marginally raised from the second one.

PVA support:

The Ultimaker 3 has a PCA support material that comes preinstalled with the package. If you want to use two different color, then also an extra PLA is included. In addition, if you want to print a different material, go for PVA, PLA, CPE, ABS and TPU printcores that can be bought for around 119 euro each.

Professional Material:

Ultimaker 3 will offer a “smart material detection”. This implies you can simply embed an extraordinary material spool containing a NFC chip, and your printer is prepared to go.

All the fiddly perspectives like print and bed temperature or material details will be balanced by particulars given on the chip. Yet, regardless you can supersede them in the Cura programming if you wish to do as such. The official statement expresses that the machine gives “high uptime and greatest execution because of material-coordinating print center outline, empowering clients to switch centers improved for Ultimaker’s own industry-review materials in seconds. The effect: repeatable, amazing yield is accomplished in a low-upkeep environment.”
What’s more, yes, despite everything you can utilize outsider materials. As indicated by an Ultimaker representative, “it is improved for Ultimaker materials however.”

NFC 3d Filament Reader:

This element which reminds the renowned CEL Robox Smart Reels, permits the 3D printer to naturally identify the embedded fiber and change the 3D printer parameters.

The Ultimaker 3 Extended is somewhat greater than the Ultimaker 2 Extended. This new form can work in a practically culminate hush, at just 50 dB. Ultimaker suggests the open source programming Cura 2 for their 3D printers. Like its ancestor the Ultimaker 3 Extended is additionally accessible in a littler rendition, basically called the Ultimaker 3.

This 3D printer appears to be exceptionally encouraging and we can hardly wait to soon direct our Ultimaker 3 Extended audit, taking after our strict and reasonable convention. This will help you contrast the Ultimaker 3 specialized attributes and other 3D printers successes.

Built In Camera:

A decent new component is the implicit camera. It’s associated with the open-source programming Cura and takes into account remote observing of the print outcome. This element can help associations in accomplishing productive work processes and access crosswise over clients. Additionally, you don’t need to get up at regular intervals and check whether the print still adheres to the bed. We’ll investigate how this functions in our upcoming Ultimaker 3 review.


The Ultimaker 3 offers 3D printing from USB stick, Wifi, and Ethernet. That is not a first; a few contenders offer comparative connection techniques. Be that as it may, it’s pleasant to see it getting to be distinctly standard. Intriguingly, the outline has dispensed with the SD card slot altogether.

Auto Levelling:

Not any more fiddling with the fabricate plate and a business card. Finally, Ultimaker have added auto-leveling backing to their new machine, making manual adjustment an old school thing now.

The Last Word

While we’re sitting tight for our Ultimaker 3 review, here are some thoughts on the facts and figures of this printer.

At the main look, the Ultimaker 3 resembles a iteration and refinement of a triumphant design. What’s more, that is presumably something to be thankful for since the Ultimaker 2+ was a genuine workhorse. In any case, on the off chance that you investigate the specs, there so are numerous re-tooled and recently outlined parts, which can make the new Ultimaker an absolutely new 3D printing experience. We’ll investigate this in our upcoming Ultimaker 3 review.

While having an indistinguishable style from whatever remains of the range, the organization has included a considerable measure of particular new elements like a camera, auto-leveling, and auto-settings for new materials. Nothing particularly radical, however it ought to make the entire 3D printing process less demanding.

What’s more, with dual extrusion, we’re not all that amped up for the alternative to print in two hues. The more valuable application is to utilize dissolvable support materials for models with complex geometries. With all these new components, Ultimaker is intending to take a major hit off of the expert FDM 3D printing business. Most creators and tinkerers can adapt to regular troubles of 3D printers. Be that as it may, in case you’re working professionally, you require your machine to be unsurprising and dependable.

Stay tuned for our Ultimaker 3 survey, where we’ll check whether the new machine can stay aware of these promises or not.

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