UPS Forays into the Asian Markets with its 3D Printing Services

UPS is a significant company that has embraced 3D printing services. They have been offering 3D printing services since 2014. Last year they collaborated with SAP to offer its users a massive 3D printing solution program. Now they are reaching to their Singapore customers to provide 3D printing services, with the aid of Fast Radius, their service bureau.

UPS will create a “centre of excellence” Advanced Solutions team in Asia. Customers will be able to order products which will be delivered on an express service mode. The Fast Radius on Demand Production Platform will provide the customers with all these kids of 3D printing solutions. Customers will now have the benefit to maintain a virtual inventory and order products when required. UPS too is benefited from this arrangement. They maintain their supremacy as the logistics giant and gain more customers who incur lesser costs as products are available online.

In 2013, the government of Singapore announced a sum of $500 million for the next five years for a Future of Manufacturing program. The initiative was developed foreseeing the growth of the latest manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing.

UPS house is the company’s headquarters. Users can place orders either through UPS house or the Fast Radius. Fast Radius will direct the order to a manufacturing unit in Singapore or the US. The manufacturing location of the order will be determined by the production time, cost and nature of the order placed. UPS currently has over 60 stores in the US. The Fast Radius on Demand Production platform is the first foray of UPS into the Asian markets. Rick Smith, the CEO of Fast Radius said that will this partnership, they will be contributing to the growth of the 3D printing industry, on a global scale. Massive growth is expected in this sector in the next five years.


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