VHM Fonderie partners with Stratasys for increasing production capabilities

A French foundry and machining company VHM Fonderie, has minimized its working speeds by almost a month by using the Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing solutions. The company manufactures industrial iron castings, and uses the Stratasys Connex Multi-material 3D printer to optimize steps in the manufacturing phases.

This traditional method involves making customized sand molds into which molten metal is poured. Once the metal solidifies, the sand mold is removed and destroyed. A new sand mold is created for a new metal object. Making new sand molds for every metal objects is a time-consuming and lengthy process. VHM Fonderie has been using this sand molding method for manufacturing as this method is cheap and requires cheaper manpower.

The result of this sand molding equipment is low finishing material and inability to do mass production. VHM Fonderie has partnered with Stratasys Polyjet 3D printing solutions to overcome these problems. The result is better efficiency and improvement in production time and quality. The 3D printing system has allowed the company to create better sand molds in a lesser time span. Hence, Laurent Poux, the Industrial Director at the VHM Group has described this change as “transformational”.

VHM Group partner Stratasys said that 3D printing had reduced production time by nearly a month.This allowed the company to increase production and accept more orders.

Stratasys further noted that the consumer satisfaction rate increased as the customers received deliveries of their orders quickly. VHM Fonderie has high profile construction companies and flow management solutions providers as clients, and the faster delivery times is also beneficial to its clients as it reduces construction time.

President of Stratasys EMEA Andy Middleton said that VHM’s adoption of 3D printing will serve as a precedent for companies to use 3D printing’s potential.

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