VOJD Studios develops 3D printed bracelet for Loewe’s latest menswear 2017-2018 collection

Loewe, the Madrid-based luxury brand, unveiled a 3D printed bracelet in its recent 2017-2018 menswear campaign. The brand collaborated with Berlin-based VOJD Studios, to produce the bracelet. The bracelet was 3D printed in a single piece using the SLS 3D printer.

3D printing promises a bright future for apparels and textiles, yet 3D printed jewelry is more popular. Jewelry is solid and has a defined shape which gives designers greater freedom to use their creativity. This 3D printed bracelet from Loewe resembles a gold chain and was teamed with leather outfits and vintage tartan in the collection. The 3D printed bracelet is made of VOJD compound, which is flexible and durable ceramic powder. The design is an interweaving chain, yet it was cleverly printed in one go using the selective laser sintering printer.

VOJD Studios co-founder and CEO Christian Hartung said that Loewe wanted them to 3D print the bracelet as it was difficult to make the bracelet using any other technology. The use of metal could have made the bracelet heavy. Using the ceramic compound, the team at VOJD created this 3D printed bracelet that looks like a metal piece.

VOJD studios produce 3D printed items for luxury brands and manufacture jewelry. This technique provides a new field for high-end labels and fashion houses to explore. They optimally use resources by employing a zero-waste technology using 3D printing. Alexander McQueen, Akris, and Carolina Herrera are some of the clients of this innovative 3D printing company.

The team at VOJD said that 3D printing for the fashion industry is exciting and innovative, as the apparels are printed in one go. Designers can experiment with their designs using this technology and create customized products. Moreover, manufacturing large amounts of identical pieces does not require any molds.

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