Yoshitomo Imura Jailed For 3D Printing Guns

Yoshitomo Imura

Yoshitomo Imura became the first person in the world to be jailed for 3D printing guns.

The 28 year old Japanese was sentenced to 2 years of prison. He printed five plastic guns which could fire real bullets. Imura also released the 3D design data for his guns on the Internet with an intention to flaunt his skills and knowledge. He even attempted to make gun controls toothless. He also uploaded a video on the internet with the accompanying message “Freedom of armaments to all people!! , A gun makes power equal!!”

The police arrested Imura in May 2014 at his home in Kawasaki after they came to know about the blueprints he posted online. The Yokohama District Court sentenced him to a two year jail term for violating the laws that restrict the production of weapons and its possession.

Imura purchased the 3D printer for about 6000 Yen ($ 639) online.

This is the first time ever that a person is imprisoned for misusing 3D printing technology. As it no longer complex to print objects of destruction, governments across the world should come up with 3D printing policies at the earliest and ensure that 3D printing won’t be used for detrimental causes.

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