3D Print: Free Honda Concept Car as a collectible

3D printable file for Honda Concept Car

After Porsche, Honda has become the second automaker to drive the future of 3D printing forward by launching a new site named Honda-3D.com. This site offers 3D printable STL files of a few Honda concept cars. The two most famous concept cars are: Acura NSX which is relatively new as compared to the older ones like the Puyo concept from 2007 and also the FSR from the 90s.

These designs are available in the Honda 3D designs Archives, users can download the concepts, customize them and then print their own custom made miniature Honda under the Creative Commons 4.0 license. By this new technological advancement the company wants people to understand and feel what it is like to manufacture a car and also understand and respect the people and the effort that goes into in designing and making a car. With this project Honda has brought the fun side out for the public.

By this project Honda expects to establish some kind of communication with the people and also understand what people expect to see in the next Honda car. They also hope to encourage a new breed of designers and engineers. The website is quite interactive as it allows designers not only to get a print out of their own work but also share their idea with billion of people all over the world.

This step taken by Honda will encourage a lot of people to bring out the Karl Benz in them and who knows the next Honda car on the road could be the idea taken from the website itself!

Image Credit: Colin (flickr handle: 48625620@N00)

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