You can own a 3D Printed Porsche Cayman

Porche Cayman 3D printable file

Porsche is the first automobile company that has actualized the catch phrase “make your dreams come true” with the help of a new idea that it has launched on its official website. As kids many people must’ve collected cars and each time there was a new addition to the list of cars owned, the happiness and joy was just limitless. At times when the miniature car that you want to own was not available in the market it would leave you devastated. Not anymore, 3D printing can now make any model of our choice including the officially sanctioned Porsche Cayman!

The German sports car company, Porsche is now offering a free 3D printable file of its most popular car till date Cayman S. the Porsche website encourages its users with the catch phrase “Feel free to get creative.” The Cayman S can be printed anywhere and in whatever size your printer allows you to print. You can give some modifications in the design and make a new model all together. Once you’ve printed and designed the car, you can send a photo of the finished product to Porsche via Twitter or also got to YouTube and drop a link to the photos of the finished product.

What are you waiting for head to the Porsche website and seize this opportunity and show the people at Porsche how you would like Cayman S to actually look like. You can also become an official designer for the company!

Image Credit: Andrew Goloida (flickr handle: nub)

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