3D printed death Trooper helmet available with Rogue One Limited Edition

The Nissan Rogue 2017 is the new automotive model launched as a result of the Nissan and Lucasfilm collaboration. This Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition model resembles the cockpit of a Starfighter. This vehicle boasts of many Star wars inspired features.

Some features of the vehicle worth mentioning are the exclusive badging on the front row doors, the moonroof, and a choice between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance logos decals in the machine. The special attraction is the limited edition Death Trooper replica helmet is available to the owners of the limited edition car.

The death trooper helmet was introduced in the latest Star Wars movie and was worn by the Stormtroopers known as the Death Troopers. The replica helmet is strongly built and well detailed just like the original one. Nissan claims that wearing this helmet will take the wearer into the far away world and he would still be able to drive comfortably. The Death Trooper replica helmets are built by the 3D Systems Gentle Giant studios, Burbank, CA. Lucasfilm has been hiring them constantly for working on their props, digital assets, and collectibles. With Nissan collaborated with Lucasfilm, 3D Systems Gentle Giant was entrusted the task of manufacturing and delivering over 5,400 replica helmets in only 3 months.

The 3D Systems Gentle Giant studios used the photographs and digital scans of the original helmet to work on the replica. The models of the helmet were designed and the files were shipped to the 3D printing lab. The team used a ProX 800 SLA printer to create the first helmet with 15”*11.5”*10” dimensions. Once the prototype helmet was approved, Giant Studios started working on the fiberglass molds.

These exclusive helmets are available only with the limited edition Nissan Rogue which is available for $30000 USD.

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