Primal Crafts, the Danish 3D printing company forays into Singapore markets

Primal Crafts is the Danish jewelry brand that 3D prints jewelry in steel, titanium, and silver. Kristoffer Rønn-Andersen, the creative head has launched its latest collection that draws inspiration from Norse mythology. The collection is the perfect balance of style and craft. The designer used 3D printing to make the jewelry sleek, regal, and striking. The heavy textured elements and unique designs are combined to create state-of –the art pieces of bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Ronn-Anderson gives high regard to 3D printing techniques which has made the production of the collection possible. He further said that the existence of Primal Crafts was owing to 3D printing and using this technique he could bring that level of versatility and creativity into his collection.

This Primal Crafts founder was a playground Designer and pursued his Master’s degree in engineering. He started his business by designing custom jewelry for family and friends. Things were favorable for the budding designer and his business took off successfully. Anderson used his creative knowledge and knowledge of technical know-how to design exquisite custom jewelry. Primal Crafts brand was, thus, born.

Anderson prefers using steel and silver for his creations and titanium has recently caught the maker’s fancy. He asserts that this material will gain popularity and titanium will be the preferred metal for 3D printing jewelry. 3D printing has made processes like customization of jewelry easy and convenient. In addition, personalization of designs is affordable using this technology.

Primal Crafts has grown manifold in the last few years. It is Anderson’s full-time career now which includes designing the pieces, manufacturing them and maintaining the websites and financial accounts. This company has recently forayed into the Singapore markets and is well on its way to expansion. Primal Crafts designs can be viewed and orders can be placed on their website.

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