3D printed Durga Idol: Dussehra Bonanza

Durga Idol

Science and technology has always contradicted religion but here is one technology that is determined to reduce the gap between the two and bring this rivalry to an end. Who could’ve imagined that a technology that was invented in the 1980s had the caliber to revolutionize almost all existing industries.

In this article we shall talk about a 3D printed Durga idol that will be on display in Kolkata for devotees from all over the world. This is quite shocking for many Indian because the idol making business is one of the oldest occupations in this country. It is basically a manually crafted process using clay. But now, the Durga Puja Committee in South Kolkata has introduced a new way to make idols with the help of hi- tech technology.

This innovative project is started by a company named Printz Worldwide and the brain behind this entire project is a man named Ujjal Mitra who is also the director of Printz Worldwide. Mr. Ujjal Mitra says, “We have digitally created a Durga idol with the help of scanning apps and computer-aided-design tools. Later, we built the real models from the design with the help of 3D printer. So you can say that this is a computer-aided design (CAD)-computer aided manufacturing (CAM) process.”

The most attractive part of the entire venture is that the digital models are stored in a computer and each time a completely different material can be used to print the idol. Many might be thinking that this would take away the jobs of many idol makers but Mitra thinks that this would help and in turn reduce the work load of the idol makers. In this aspect Mitra says, “So we are trying to open up an opportunity for the craftsmen to learn this skill and gradually switch to digital work…. maybe next time they would not need to physically transport a Durga idol for all outstation orders, but send the ‘design’ to a 3D printer nearest to the client and have it printed out there.”

The makers of these idols have not yet decided on the color coding but as of now the color of their choice is white. The cost of these hi- tech idols is Rs. 60, 000 which is quite low as compared to the hand crafted ones.

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