Darby Smart’s: 3D Printed Personalized Phone Cases

3D Printed iPhone 6 case

Though Apple brand phones are over-priced and over-hyped, they are very much in demand. People all over the world await the arrival of a new Apple phone with a lot of enthusiasm. Even the competitors avoid coinciding the product launch with that of Apple phone launch.

Having said that, a relatively new company named Darby Smart built an online marketplace for designers to launch simple DIY projects based on the latest trends in fashion and home décor. This San Francisco based company has recently announced the launch of its new range of printable phone covers with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6. These phone covers are highly personalized designer 3D printed phone covers.

Kristin A. Martell from K21 Communications, a PR firm representing the company said, “Darby Smart scours the Internet for unique projects and packages them up for consumers in a collection of kits. All Darby Smart projects are super easy and accessible irrespective of the person’s DIY skill level. Projects are pre-packaged with everything you need – and in various categories, e.g., home décor, fashion, food, kids and holiday.”

In the past there were many companies that have come up with 3D printed mobile cases and there are many more in line as customization is the new in- thing in the consumer market. One such example is the collaborative efforts between MakerBot and Fraemes which offered customers with a wide range of iPhone cases. But Darby Smart is the first company to offer iPhone 6 cases. So on 6th September we saw not only the new iPhone 6 phones rolling out in the market but also Darby Smart’s new iPhone covers.

Darby Smart has been offering customized 3D printed bracelets where in there is a facility to change the font, color and letters on the bracelet according to the needs of the customer. Then these highly customized bracelets are shipped to the customers. The new 3D printing section launched by the company is a little different because until now all the products were DIYs i.e. they can be printed at home but now most of the products in the new section are manufactured on site and then shipped to the customers.

The process of acquiring one of these cool covers is very simple. Once you have decided the color, symbol, letters or words that are to be written on the cover, you need to pay an amount of $9 and within a week the covers will be shipped to your address.

After the launch of the iPhone 6 there have been many companies that are offering 3D printed highly customized phone cases but Darby Smart is a bit ahead of them all in the race.

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