3D Printed Engagement Ring Crafted With Muscle Fibers Of Human Heart

Romance in the world has taken a new shape. Recently it has been reported that Noah Keating got his engagement ring customized for his fiancée Nina Tandon who is also the CEO at EpiBone. The ring has muscle fibers of human heart crafted on the ring. The ring has been further embellished with a lab grown diamond.

It is quite an interesting thing to do for your loved one that was selected by Noah.

About Nina Tandon, like we mentioned before, she is a CEO at EpiBone that is a bone reconstruction company. Here stem cells of the patients are used to grow bones. Not to forget, Nina also studied human heart while she was a grad student. That is why Keating got this amazing idea to get the human heart fibers printed on the engagement ring.

Keating went for help to one of Nina’s friends- Manca Ahlin. Because Ahlin was quite familiar with the choice of Nina, he spontaneously got ready for the help. With the help of a 3D modeling software, the work on the design of the ring was commenced. The efforts resulted into an interwoven mesh of organic strands. It is quite identical to cardiac muscle fibers.

The interesting part is that before casting the 3d printed wax on the platinum band, the designs was made certain to be 100% anatomically correct. Since Keating was very familiar with the taste of Nina, he has to purchase a lab-grown diamond.

After going through a lot of trouble, Keating was finally able to get the dream ring for Nina that will express his love for him forever. He proposed Nina on February 29. According to the Irish culture, this leap year day is popularized as Bachelor’s day. It is a day when the women are encouraged to propose men. But Keating reciprocated the tradition by asking Nina and got a “YES” from his lady love.

Source: 3ders.org

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