S-NEXT launches the limited run 3D printed titanium earphones

3D printing has come up with solutions for the earphone industry. Customized 3D printing earphones that perfectly align with the contours of your ears are the latest offerings by the company Ultimate Ears. S’NEXT is a Japanese concern which has newer technologies to offer. They have manufactured a limited edition of 200 3D printed titanium earphones, namely Lab 2, which aims to provide the ultimate audio experience and a clear sound field.
Costing about $4300, which is indeed a mammoth price for earphones, they are a truly exclusive set of earphones. These earphones are of an optimal shape and this feat could be achieved only by 3D printing. These earphones have an integrated equalizer that applies optimal pressure on the diaphragm. This prevents any external frequency interruptions.

The LAB 2’s 3D printed mesh cover creates a divide between the ear canal and the device, this feature creates the perfect sound field for the earphone. Further, the earphones have a 15mm dynamic driving unit to create a magnetic flux density that removes unwanted vibration, while it also has an MMCX connector and a high-purity OFC Silver Court cable. All the product parts are manufactured by Swiss connector specialists MMCX and as per the Japanese developer’s opinion, provide a great music experience. The cable plug of Lab 2 is highly durable and has already easily withstood 5,000 bending movements in lab tests– five million being the target. The LAB II provides an audio sensitivity of 110dB / mW and weighs just 31 grams.

The mechanical equalizer is the thinnest part of the earphones at just 0.2mm. This component was developed by collaboration with NDES (of NTT Data Engineering Systems) and is the only part that wasn’t 3D printed. Chemical treatment was done to smoothen the surface quality of the LAB II. The earphones are scheduled to release on October 22nd.

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