“God made the man, but Samuel Colt made them equal”. Samuel Colt, inventor of revolver paved the way for interchangeable parts of manufacturing in the year 1873. Today, we have Derwood, Youtuber, who created a semi-automatic gun which is 95% 3D printed.

“No one had ever tried to get a semi-automatic 3D printed gun working before…I’m just one of those types, I like to find new things that people say can’t be done,” he told in an interview published before. He wanted to create a killing machine that fits in the purse, unlike others who focus on garage engineering to make their cars faster.


Derwood’s engineering feat, shuty-MP1, is not 100% 3D printed. Completely 3D guns often fail dangerously,The heat from the gun melts the PLA plastic used in 3D printing which is unsustainable for the weapon. To circumvent this issue, Derwood used store bought components for some of the biggest points of failure: the barrel, hammer, firing pin, bolts, and springs.

While 3D printing a weapon isn’t illegal, Derwood has no plans as of now to release the build instructions on the net and  Even if his plans did leak, he doesn’t think the  untraceable semi-automatic weapons will be flooding the streets and flowing into the hands of criminals. “If you keep shooting, it’s going to fail,” he told. “That makes it not such a desired weapon for a criminal.”So all you have to do is dodge bullets until the gun fails.

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