3D Printed Gun Songbird Acquires a Metallic Barrel for Better Strength

3D printed gun was first made by Cody Wilson in 2013. He distributed the 3D files for his Liberator gun. It was the first functional 3D printed gun and attracted both media attention positive response from other makers.

Recently a new 3D printed gun called Songbird has been released that has a metallic barrel liner to reinforce the 3D printed gun. It is the only one released since the launch of the Liberator (with the exception of Solid Concepts metal handgun).

For the Songbird pistol, its metal liner is its strong point. Tests firings were conducted using the ABS plastic. It proved that it was a strong gadget to fire .22 and .357 caliber bullets fairly well.

The Guy in a Garage has uploaded some of the videos of the 3D printed gun. On having a look at the videos, it is evident that this is the work of a hobbyist. There are no political, 2nd amendment massage, or any other ulterior motive in the construction of this gun. Though owning guns is not advisable, this 3D printed gun is well-designed and very safe for the user.

Though 3D printed guns are not at all risky and do not pose any threat to the world, the fact cannot be ignored that they are indeed guns. They are cheaper and can be easily made. The Taulman Bridge Nylon was used to print the barrel of this gun. As the debate continues on whether 3D printing a gun is a good idea or not, a 3D printed gun is another interesting project for makers who want to develop new designs. Though 3D printed guns are relatively easy to acquire, some people suggest that 3D printed guns are just another 3D printing innovation. It can in no way be practical or used instead of regular guns.

Source: 3ders.org

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