3D Printing used to Design Glowing Mace Prop by Ruiz Brothers

3D printing technologies have immensely helped the cosplay community in making costumes and other accessories. The Mellisa ng’s 3D printed armor and the 3D printed Embers of War are stunning pieces which look almost real thanks to the 3D printing technology.
The 3D printed Glowing Mace Prop is designed by the Ruiz Brothers. They have combined the use of some 3D printed techniques and electronics to design the 3D printed mace. The tutorial has been uploaded on their Adafruit page. Some of the supplies needed to make this 3D printed star are-

• A 3D printer
• Adafruit Trinket
• Transparent PLA filament
• Wood and Steel composite PLA filaments
• NeoPixel Jewel
• 2200mAh batter

The glowing mace prop is made up of 28 different parts like icosahedron shell (which prints in parts), the rod, the spikes, the handle, etc. For getting amazing effects, the Ruiz Brother recommend printing the parts in a variety of materials, the handle was printed out of a wooden PLA and the spikes were printed out of a steel PLA, which can be sanded down. For incorporating the NeoPixel Jewel, the user has to print the parts for the icosahedron shell from a translucent PLA allowing the colorful LEDs to glow through it. To recharge the battery of the light the user has to connect it to the Adafruit Micro Charger or Adafruit Micro Charger Jack. Once all the parts of the mace prop are printed and then they can be screwed and glued together.

The Ruiz brothers offer valuable advice on 3D printing the mace parts. According to them, this design is not only for experienced makers but for those who are in the process of learning the 3D printing art. This design is aimed at inspiring the makers to mix and match the design to make their own cosplay accessories.

Source: 3ders.org

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