Dagoma, A French 3D Printer startup, raises 3 million euros for expansion

Dagoma is a French 3D printing unit which released the Discovery 200, a DIY printer with an extremely affordable price of 299 Euros. It then came up with Explorer350 beta which was more on professional lines. This startup has finally accumulated funds after selling the 3D printers. It sold approx 2000 printers in two years time. It will now use the funds to expand its business in France and overseas.

The company’s investment comes largely from lead investor Olivier Leclerq. He is an illustrious businessman of France and the vice-president of Decathlon Oxylane, and owner of Olivarius Hotels. The entrepreneur’s investment of 3 million euros, Dagoma will seek to increase its workforce from 26 employees to 41 employees by the end of the year. The investment will enable the 3D printer company to expand within France and even abroad in Pessac, a city near Bordeaux. By opening an office in Pessac, the company will expand in the North of France into the South. Dagoma will also be launching it’s first Dago’ Center. This is a training center that will offer its users services like on-demand 3D printing, a co-working space, and customer support services.

Dagoma was founded in 2014 by Matthew Regnier and Gauthier Vignon. It has to its credit the Spiderbot’s Delta 3D printer kits, Tobeca’s open source 3D printers, and a number of other 3D printing services. With the new investment, Dagoma will be able to give a competitive edge to its customers by enhancing their production services. It is currently involved in launching its new 3D printer model the DiscoEasy200, an improved version of the Discovery200. It is interestingly priced at par with Discovery200, though the new printer has greater speeds and volumes for advanced production.

Source: 3ders.org

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