e-NABLE shares attractive 3D printed prosthetic designs for kids in Columbia

e-NABLE is a voluntary organization engaged in 3D printing aids to people around the world. This company is engaged in producing 3D printed prosthetics at affordable costs. Their main focus is to provide functional and low-cost limbs to children around the globe.

In the beginning of this year, this company launched a range of 3D printed prosthetic design to enable the kids to safely play sports. e-NABLE does not just develop prosthetics; it tries to increase the self-esteem of these kids too. These children are often discriminated and ostracized in the society. e-NABLE provides varied 3 D printed prosthetic designs from superheroes to cyborgs, Star Wars, and even Disney themes.

The e-NABLE community in Columbia is working on these prosthetics to help the Latin American children. These 3D printed designs are also available online, where anybody in need can download and use them. Wilmer A. Garcia P. is the artist who conceived these designs which were directed by National University student Christian Silva for 3D modeling. The designs are adapted from Silva’s Flexy arm II design, namely Steve Wood’s Flexy-Hand 2, the Rochester Institute of Technology RIT Arm. The e-Nable Columbia community also participated in production processes, with help from Recreartech.

Some of the designs given to the children by the e-NABLE community are Snow queen frozen themed arm, which was provided to Nicol Sofia. Ana, an 11-year old, asked for a Cyborg arm which she wears regularly. Felipe, who is 10 years old, is thrilled to wear his Ninja-themed arm. Drew Murray, an e-NABLE volunteer of team Unlimbited, provided 4-year old Sara with Cinderella themed hand. Ironman Jose is also a theme-based prosthetic that e-NABLE made for children.

Felipe has also been provided with a new prosthetic arm recently. He wore the superhero arm for a while and now he has been given his new arm which was made on the Captain America Theme finally.

Source: 3ders.org

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