Curam- An Ireland-based 3D printing medical center

Ireland is the hub of Health Research in the European community. It has recently made remarkable innovations in the 3D printing health sector. The government of Ireland has a very proactive approach to 3D printing techniques, and this has resulted in many positive outcomes.

The Cúram center in Galway, Ireland, is one such 3D printing medical unit. It is working on 3D printed muscle and tendon fibers. These 3D printed muscles could aid athletes in quick recovery from career-threatening diseases. And if this technology proves beneficial to athletes, then it can be available to the general public, if the costs are controlled.

The Cúram center is evaluated at €68 million ($76M). It is based at the National University of Ireland in Galway and does more than 3D printing muscles. It is also working on other potential medical breakthroughs for numerous chronic diseases.

About 250 researchers are engaged in Cúram on researching techniques for the cure of Parkinsons Disease, heart disease and other critical illnesses. This is a significant R&D center which promises astounding results in future.
“Working with industry partners and clinicians, we will better understand the ‘hostile environment’ of the body and advance medical devices to the next stage where they mimic the body’s biology. We want to launch devices which are more effective for the individual patient, but more affordable to lessen the burden on healthcare systems worldwide,” said Prof Abhay Pandit, Scientific Director of Cúram.

The researchers are working at a technology that aims to stop patient bleeding at the operation table. From diabetes treatment to spinal cord treatments, Curam is engaged in various medical research works.

Ireland’s Minister for Enterprise, Jobs, and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor inaugurated the research center. Science Foundation Ireland has promised to shell out $55 million over six years to support the center. The EU Horizon 2020 program has donated another $21 million. Irish businesses too, have come together to provide another $5 million.


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