Rio –The latest furniture collection combining algorithms and 3D printing

‘Rio’ is studio INTEGRATE and Morgan Studio’s new offering of uniquely designed tables and chairs. This furniture is partially 3D printed using mathematical algorithms. Each piece has an innovative design. These furniture pieces are a perfect amalgamation of traditional craft and latest additive manufacturing technique.
The design was conceived by Studio INTEGRATE’s Mehran Gharleghi and sold by the British furniture company, Morgan. Morgan Studio’s renowned craftsmanship in wood and Studio INTEGRATE’s passion for design techniques like 3D printing has resulted in these exceptional pieces of furniture. This unique furniture collection which appears hand-sculpted is in reality, the result of digital, mathematical design.

There are three variations of the modern chair design, featuring an upholstered back, a tactile timber back, or a 3D printed lattice back. The 3D printed version is based on a mathematical algorithm. The design team made small changes in the pattern, which resulted in six unique 3D printed backs. These designs can be printed in 24 hours in either polyamide or resin. The mathematical algorithms allow the digitally created collection to give a handcrafted impression.

The final design was achieved after a series of alterations. The back was made lighter and the design was made more comfortable. The chair had no joints and the connecting base to the legs was also in one single piece. The chairs in the Rio collection combine wood, brass, other metal coating for the legs, with various upholstery options. It also contains a set of glass-topped tables with wooden legs. These tables also make use of 3D printing and mathematical algorithms. The 3D printed section between the top and the legs is available in different web-like styles, where the algorithm is altered slightly to affect the thickness of the latticework. The tables are available in coffee table and side table size. The designs are a great way of bridging the divide between traditional and futuristic design.


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