Philament offers wide variety of ABS and PLA filaments for industrial applications

PLA filaments are non-toxic, easy to print, biodegradable and can be food-safe also. Makers prefer this filament due to the smooth and polished texture. For industrial applications, though, it is of no use. The filament cannot withstand high temperatures; it turns brittle and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

Philament is a Hungarian filament manufacturer which produces environment-friendly PLA filaments. They constantly strive to produce superior filaments. They have recently launched a line of tough and durable PLA that can be used for industrial applications.
Their line of filaments include-

• Philament Model- Used for the creation of 3D models. It can be easily sanded, polished, and cut in the dry and wet state.
• Philament ESD- This element is safe and produces objects without generating electrical current. This filament is designed primarily for the electronics industry.
• Philament heat resistant- A filament that can withstand high temperatures up to 170°C and does not warp or melt.
• Dr. Zsolt Bodnar, CEO of Philament, said that more and more industries are taking advantage of the 3D printing processes. Due to the limitations of filaments, makers are unable to discover and innovate new and creative designs. Their product philament will cross the barrier and allow the user to create interesting 3D printing models.

Philament is available in blue, white, black, gray, and many other colors. The Philament team comprises of experts from chemical and polymer industries. These materials are eco-friendly and biopolymer-based and meet the European compostability standards.
They are sustainable materials. These PLA filaments are used in the automotive and electronics industries. Architecture is also a vital area for PLA filament usage. The PLA and ABS filament is priced at £26 for1 kg spool, the speciality materials are priced a bit higher.

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