3D printed ‘iBoardbot’ launched to write messages.

“Writing connects the world through words”.Such words can now be writted by iBoardbot to connect the world. JJRobots, a tech startup from Edinburgh, UK, has launched its first  3D printed, web-connected whiteboard robot- iBoardbot . The iBoardbot writes and draws according to the command given by its users .


Remember our school days when the teacher taught us on the black board?  Boards can help us  explain ideas, teach,learn, draw, discuss goals and so on.. these blackboards were later replaced by whiteboards, computers and projectors which offered advantages like- No messy handwriting,integration of high-resolution images,quick loading, erasing of text, and the ability to save sessions for later. What does the whiteboard have left to offer?

As a tribute to the old school days,JJRobots—has developed the 3D printed iBoardbot whiteboard robot, a web-connected device operated by users, to draw and write on the glass surface. The aurduino powered iBoardbot uses the stepper motors to precisely draw and write the text in combination merely, using an app.

The iBoardbot robot has its potential applications such as a collaborative notice board within a workplace, a twitter wall in a shop window, or a weather forecast display in a public place. The iBoardbot’s internet connectivity is the best feature which connects to the world . like, for example, you want to send an important  message to your workers in the office , you can send it right from your house with just an app. The iBoardbot writes down the message for you.

“The iBoardbot is able to reproduce what you remotely draw using its web application from any part of the world and any device: a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet,” the JJRobots team explains on the iBoardbot Kickstarter page. “From a web app that can be shared, the user will find the necessary apps for the control of the board. You will be able to draw, write a text of your choice (even from the other side of the world!) and to access the iBoardbot´s configuration menu. This drawing robot can be used at the same time by as many users as you want.”

The 3D printing part of the iBoardbot is its body .The body can be 3D printed at home with a handful of electronic components easily available in the market. The electronics, 3D printed parts, and code of the whiteboard robot are completely open, allowing users to tweak and modify the device as they see fit.however, the startup also sells these robots to use right away.


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