3D Printed Models of a Cerebral Aneurysm- By Jichi University

Jichi Medical University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery in Japan are developing solid models of cerebral aneurysms with ABS resin, using a compact 3D printer. Though this has been done before, but the team has shortened the printing time considerably. They have also applied this method to emergency clipping surgery of severe brain aneurysms.

A cerebral aneurysm or an intracranial aneurysm is a weak point in the blood vessel in the brain that bulges out and fills with blood. This swollen aneurysm can put pressure on a nerve or the adjoining brain tissue.

These brain aneurysm can be fatal and life-threatening. As per the statistics, there is a rupture every 18 minutes, which results in death in 40% of the cases. About 66% of the survivors suffer a permanent neurological defect. About 15% of patients with aneurysmal hemorrhage are unable to make it to the hospital.

With 3D printing, there seems to be some hope in this field. At the Jichi University, a case study of 16 patients diagnosed with acute subarachnoid hemorrhage was analyzed.3D models of a cerebral aneurysm using the 3D printer were developed, to be used in the emergency clipping surgery.

On an average, the total taken time from the moment of hospitalization to surgery was approximately 4 hours. Using the 3D printed model, the emergency clipping device can be placed much more efficiently and quickly. Time is a very crucial component in the treatment phase. The printing time has been reduced to approximately an hour from 67 minutes after some initial experiences.

3D printing of the cerebral aneurysm models has reduced the time and cost involved in manufacturing 3D cerebral aneurysm models, which makes it suitable for emergency clipping surgeries. This treatment could be a boon for patients suffering from the disease.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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