3D Printed Prosthetic Hand Created By A 9 Year Old Child

3D Printing industry has not only fascinated the professionals and the adults but kids have also been showing great interest in it. According to the latest buzz in the industry, a kid has created a 3d printed prosthetic hand for his teacher. The name of the kid is Calramon who along with his brother and father has been taking a lot of interest in this industry. They have a 3d printer at their home and while learning the features of 3d printing, they have created a lot of different contraptions.

The videos of the former creations of this family have been uploaded on the internet. After the creation of the prosthetic hand, an interview was conducted. Here is it in nutshell:

Calramon is only 9 years old and when asked about his interests, he mentioned that he has always been fascinated by 3d industry. It is important for the kids to love whatever they study and when he was first introduced to 3d industry, he was fascinated by the nature of this technology. It was great to create things himself. He further said that it was the movie called “Big Hero 6” in which he first heard about the 3d printer and how the kid was creating things.
After that, he met a designer who shared his experience of creating a remote controlled quad copter drone. It was then decided that he wanted to create something on his own. And that is how the interest was developed.

Nick is the name of the teacher for whom Calramon has created the prosthetic hand. During a session of 3d modeling at a library, the kid finds out that Nick was looking for a prosthetic hand for himself. The requested was forwarded to the e-NABLE community. They comprised of a bunch of people who created 3d printed hands and arms for the people in need.

Calramon was introduced to the community and he accepted the challenge to create a hand for Nick. With the help of his simple Makerbot kit, he was successfully able to create a hand for his teacher. Prototyping however, was done at the library and after getting through the whole process, Nick was presented with a prosthetic hand that fitted him the best.

The 3d industry has been helping people in a lot of different ways and also fascinating the interest of kid as well.


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