3D Printed Replica of Eiffel Tower Made by 10 yr Old Boy Showcased in Innorobo 2016

10-year-old Atbin, an amazing boy from Netherlands who made 3D printed replicas of the Eiffel tower of Paris and the Leaning Tower of Pisa at Innorobo 2016 in Paris. He fairs well at school and has been double promoted twice, and would reach university level already at the age of 13 or 14. Atbin is fluent in many other languages ad loves to make 3D printed models and cinema 4D and plays the Kerbal Space Program video game.

Atbin can program with Scratch and also carries a diploma from Code.org, and he loves to make 3D models and was recently invited with his father at the Innorobo 2016 in Paris. Atbin said that since the display was in Paris, hence he wanted to make an Eiffel tower and he took two months of full time working and two weeks of part-time working to complete his model. The model has a detailed layering and has a very strong foundation.

The replica is 120 cm in height and is made from ABS. There are 20 different colors that are used in the model and it stands on a 42cm*42cm platform and is made from 100 meters of filament. The leaning tower of Pisa was yet another remarkable structure made out of a detailed structural map of the monument. It had a gold frame made from ABS which acts as a strong base and was supported by a stone that was polished into a cube. The tower uses 200 meters of a filament and it took two weeks for Atbin to assemble the structure.

Atbin also showcased a 3D printed drone, which was a light and firm structure. There was no glue used and he started by making a hemisphere that consisted of 11 segments that fit in perfectly. It is just a design, a frame that does not fly. All the models have been made using ABS and 3D pens.

Source: 3ders.org

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