Jeremy Burnich 3D Motorsports Designer Creates Mini ‘Alvaro’

An extremely talented and gifted designer, Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex has used the 3D printing to replicate many historical events. He has 3D printed sounds to depict Beethoven’s b’day, depicted gravitational forces and also narrated an Afghan women’s protest. Burnich is also the founder of 3D- Racetracks, a company engaged in the making of 4D printed topographical replicas of renowned racetracks.

Pirelli, an Italian company, has been supplying tiers to FIM Superbike World Championship, and in January, they launched the third model of the Diablo Rosso motorcycle at the Superbike championship. On this occasion, they asked Burnich to come up with a model commemorating the event.

The superbike championship takes place from July 8-10 and is being hosted by Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California. Burnich created a model of the track with the logo of Pirelli and Diablo iii printed on a strip across the tracks. They were two version printed, and the other was printed in bronze infused steel by Exone, to be presented to the VIPs. Around 300 miniature tracks were printed.

Spanish Grand Prix MotoGP motorcycle racer Alvaro Bautista’s team reached out to Burnich to create a replica of Alvaro himself. Burnich specializes in creating racetrack replicas so for this project his took the help of his friend Alex Ophuizen of Mini 3D Drivers. Ophuizen designs replicas of F1 drivers and cars. The two worked together to come up with a miniature of Alvaro printed in Shapeways’ using sandstone material.

The final model which had already crossed Atlantic, from Netherlands to the US, and fro, is a cute miniature version of the racer and the creators are very pleased with their work.

Burnich is currently designing jewelry for Joy Complex but hopes that his association with Alex Ophuizen will continue in future.


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