Landing Gear Conversion Kit Released By 3D LabPrint

3D Lab Print has printed many mini aircrafts like D printed RC Spitfire, the P51-D Mustang, and the Thunderbolt. 3D printing has added speed, usability, affordability and quality to an array of products and continues to do so. While people are still contemplating the idea of designing and assembling parts by 3D printing processes, the 3D Lab Print has yet again come up with a new innovation.

Stepan Dokoupil, the founder, is a Czech based designer, architect, and pilot who has developed a plane named Messerschmitt Bf 109T with a landing gear conversion kit. The work on the project is still ongoing and improvisations are done frequently to improve the functionality of the product.

The kit is priced at $10 and includes modified wings and rubber parts for the plane that are essential for the landing gear. Some files have to be downloaded for using the kit, they include-
• Step-by-step PDF/video user guide
• G-codes for i3 printers
• Files with start settings for Simplify3D, Cura, and MatterControl slicers
• Universal STL files
Materials required for this project are 3D printer, a Nozzle with 0.4mm diameter, a PLA filament, Minimum build volume of 195 x 195 x 150 mm (or 250 x 120 x 150), Heated bed (optional)

The Messerschmitt Bf 109T is a perfect example of the advanced additive technology where the wings and fuselage allow support and rigidity along with maintaining the low weight are ideal and exact air foil model are ideal features for a better landing.

The planes with the conversion kit, are easy to assemble and do not require any extra tool, except some glue for the assembling process. The aircraft can fly for 7 minutes or more at a speed of 150 khp and then a low stall speed which is easily achieved for a smooth and safe landing.


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