3D Printed Wheelchair: A New Hope For The Disabled

Go wheelchair by LayerLAB, is an amalgamation of efforts that combines design with the contemporary technologies. It is 3D printed in shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyutherune (TPU) and semi-transparent resin and is fashionable, durable and quick to process. This chair could actually change the methodology used to manufacture products for the disabled.
This idea emerged as a result of collaboration between Materialize, a successful 3D printing company and LayerLAB, a unit of Layer. It took 2 years of research with the medical fraternity and meetings with the wheelchair users that this wheelchair was designed. The primary aim of this idea was to improve the quality of life of the disabled by using the correct materials and emerging 3D printing technologies.
The wheelchair consists of an app in which the user can feed in his biometric data to determine the seat design and foot-bay height. A body map is created by means of an algorithm in the app ,that is converted into a 3D design which takes into consideration factors like body weight, shape and level of disability. This helps in creating a customized wheelchair with greatest comfort and support in a time frame of 2 weeks as opposed to 6-8 weeks in a conventional design.
The customer can totally customize his wheelchair by choosing the color, patterns and adding additional features like push bars, side guards, and transfer bars. Also, the wheelchair is equipped with a GO gloves system which gives greater upper body support and reduces chances of shoulder arthritis and hand injuries and gives a better power-to-push ratio.
This chair will definitely make the life of disabled people easier and much more comfortable as the Go can be perfectly tailored to meet the needs of these individuals.

Source: PSFK.com

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